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Editing and proofreading services defined

Purple Pen Editing offers a variety of editing services

We’re more than happy to help you determine what service you need. The following definitions apply to the services offered at Purple Pen Editing. More detail and definitions of other services often offered by editors can be found at the Editors’ Association of Canada website.


  • Reading proofs of edited manuscript
  • Identifying and marking errors in print-ready text, design, or layout

Copy editing

  • Fixing errors in grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation
  • Establishing and maintaining a clear and consistent style
  • Establishing and maintaining a consistent style for all diagrams, charts, and tables
  • Verifying that figures add up and that information presented in charts and tables is clear and logical

Plain language editing

  • Simplifying material to make it readily understood to its intended audience

Structural/Substantive editing

  • Editing for content, organization, and transitions
  • Recognizing and marking contradictions in logic and details
  • Revising or cutting copy to meet length requirements, if necessary
  • Changing the structure of the text, the order of paragraphs, organization of the work, flow of thought
  • Suggesting deletions, additions, and rearrangements as required

Stylistic editing

  • Adapting or changing the style or tone of the text to suit a specific purpose or audience
  • Identifying potentially inaccurate or offensive statements
  • Clarifying meaning, checking reading level


  • Creating a new document based on research and material provided by an author or authors
  • Conducting some research and writing of original material