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How much does editing cost?

Purple Pen Editing doesn’t post specific rates charged for the editing and proofreading services we offer.

Why? Simply, every writer has unique editing needs. It isn’t fair to charge the same per word fee or hourly rate to edit the work of a writer with excellent English skills as it would be to edit the work of someone for whom English is a second language.

And, there are different editing services, normally charged at different rates, depending on how simple or how difficult the tasks are.

Determining what editing services are needed

  • Simple proofreading—a grammar and spell check—is less expensive than substantive/structural or stylistic editing, which require more time and effort to get your project as polished as you want.
  • We need to see someone’s work before knowing the level of editing it would need. We offer a sample edit so we can see the writer’s work and the writer can see what we can do.  This sample edit isn’t only at the grammar and spelling check level of copy editing and proofreading, but at a structural and stylistic level, which is more like a tutoring session in writing.
  • Once we show you what we can do with your document, you’ll have confidence in us as editors who really know words and how they work. You may even decide that a different level of editing is what truly suits your needs.  We can then provide an appropriate estimate of the costs of editing the project, on either a per hour basis or a whole project basis.

How can you reduce the costs? If our FAQ section doesn’t tell you what you want to know, we do welcome questions about our services, your particular project, or writing and editing in general.