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Why you should hire a professional editor

The advantages of Purple Pen Editing’s copy editing and proofreading services

Why should you submit your work to a professional editor before it gets published? A good editor of a well-written piece will identify those few words that you inadvertently used incorrectly.  Your spell-check won’t pick up the word two as an error, when you really meant too, but a good editor will.

A thorough edit of a poorly-written piece, no matter how original or well-developed it may be, will identify not just misspelled words, but also errors in punctuation, changes in tense, or incorrect subject-verb agreements.

Unlike your mother who will tell you how proud she is of your creativity, a professional editor is an objective reader who can tell you what parts of your piece don’t make sense, or whether you should develop something further.

Essentially, the best editors are generalists who work on all kinds of writing projects and who offer a wide range of knowledge and experience. They know to question everything:

•   Is it logical?

•   Are the citations correct?

•   Is the dialogue believable?

•   Was the correct word used?

•   Is it who or whom?

Using a professional editor is a logical step towards getting your writing right the first time, clearly and concisely, without embarrassing errors and within your budget. A professional editor can help you find the right tone and choose the right words, and will make you look as professional and credible as you are. It will be money well spent.

Just contact Purple Pen Editing for professional editing help with a wide range of subject matter and documents:

•   Corporate copy editing and proofreading


    Reports and proposals



    Visual presentation texts

•   Publishing copy editing and proofreading


    Magazine articles

•   Academic copy editing and proofreading

    Student papers

    PhD dissertations

    Master’s theses

•   Manuscript copy editing and proofreading



•   Government communications

    News releases and backgrounders

    Communication strategies