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About Purple Pen Editing

Do you remember back in third grade when you painstakingly described how you spent your summer vacation on lined paper in your best handwriting? It seemed to take forever to get all the details written out, but on effort alone, it was your best work ever! You meant to start the new school year with a positive attitude.

Do you also remember how you felt when your neat homework was handed back to you the next day with all those red X marks and cross outs, and comments on your poor grammar and sentence structure?  The rest of the year seemed to go the same way, in spite of all your best efforts.  To this day, you dread the red pen and its power to demoralize you as a writer.

So today, when you find yourself getting anxious as you provide the Purple Pen Editor the text for your manuscript, your website, your company brochure, your student paper, your report, or your speech, you need not fear the red slashes, X’s, and comments—they’ll be in a nice, non-threatening purple colour instead.

The professionals at Purple Pen Editing come with solid qualifications:

  • Editors who will keep the original flavour and style of your writing while improving the text
  • Editors who can resolve structural or stylistic issues with care for the intent of the document
  • Editors who can tighten up text while maintaining the thought expressed
  • Editors who will consider audience reading and comprehension levels
  • Editors who can see not only what’s there, but what’s missing
  • Editors who can identify and clarify ambiguity or confusion
  • Editors with 25 years of experience in advertising, public relations and government communications
  • Editors with a wide range of subject matter experience:
    • Corporate brochures
    • Reports and proposals
    • Newsletter and magazine articles
    • Master’s theses
    • Student papers
    • PhD dissertations
    • Websites
    • Non-fiction manuscripts
    • Fiction manuscripts
    • Speeches
    • Government communications including news releases and backgrounders
    • Visual presentation texts